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When it comes to cutting-edge dermatological, laser, and aesthetic skin care, no one does it better than Skinooved. At Skinooved Skin Clinic in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai, our team of highly trained medical professionals provides cutting-edge skin care solutions in a relaxing setting. People from all over the world, not only in Mumbai, choose Skinooved because of our wide range of innovative and effective treatment solutions.

If you are in need of a cosmetologist, look no further. Locate and make contact with top skin specialists in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai. Skinooved makes it easy to get skin care from the best cosmetologists in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai. At Skinooved, we intend to give you perfect care for all your beauty needs and that’s why we have leading cosmetologists in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai.

At Skinooved, you can be certain that your treatment will deliver the outcomes discussed during your appointment, all at a price that is both reasonable and transparent. Our professionals are among the best in the business.

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Skinooved - Skin Clinic in Mumbai
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Skin-Hair-Laser Treatments

Connect with the top laser specialists in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai with Skinooved. If you are looking for the best laser experts in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai for laser hair removal, depigmentation, scar removal, tattoo removal, or any associated issues, your search ends here at Skinooved.

Depending on your issues, you can choose from a variety of laser treatments. Here at Skinooved, we have experts that thoroughly diagnose laser-related issues and recommend the most effective treatments that deliver visible outcomes.

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What We Do

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Skin Treatment in Chowpatty

Facial Treatments

Customized facials based on their skin type. Our approach is based on a thorough study of your skin type to provide an overwhelming array of à la carte treatments.

laser skin rejuvenation


Get rid of enlarged pores, unwanted hair, warts, moles and unsightly scars with our powerful laser treatments, which leave skin clean and rejuvenated and looking as beautiful as ever.

Hair treatment with stem cells

Hair Treatments

Let us assist you in reclaiming the luster & shine of your hair and in enhancing the inherent beauty of your hair. Our therapeutic treatments guarantee that your hair remains healthy.

HIFU technique facial skin chin treatment

Tightening Treatments

Experience dramatically improved and younger skin with our tightening treatments. Our tightening treatments consist of effective anti aging procedures for treating sagging skin and wrinkles.

Skin Tightening Treatment in Chowpatty

Other Treatments

Get better tone and younger looking skin with our breakthrough treatments, which consist of a carbon peel, full body peel, whitening injection, microneedling, face Prp and fungal medication.

Skinooved - Cosmetologist in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai

Special Offers

Looking for treatments made just for you to help you look youthful and fresh? Take a look at our offers and get great cosmetology treatments with unbelievable benefits and discounts.

Why Choose Us

You can be sure that the best cosmetologists in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai will be taking care of you at Skinooved.

  • Every single one of our treatments is designed to promote healthy, radiant, and beautiful skin.
  • All treatments are customized to the specific needs of your skin.
  • At Skinooved, highly trained cosmetologists perform all skin and hair treatments.
  • Industry Leaders in non-surgical and pain-free treatment.
  • Get the best support before, during, or after treatments.
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Cosmetologist in Chowpatty
Hair Treatment in Chowpatty


From hair care to hair removal, we do everything to give you the kind of look you crave. Visit us and relax while our experts treat your body with proven procedures to give you long-term benefits.

Cosmetologist in Chowpatty, Dongri, Mumbai


Let us give your body the benefit of lasers, whether it is acne scar removal, tattoo removal or the most famous laser hair removal with our FDA-approved laser equipment. Our laser treatments will leave your skin smoother and blemish-free.

Facial Treatment in Chowpatty


Looking out for that perfect glow with stunning, dependable, and everlasting results is what you can expect from our transformational clinic.